The CUSTOMER essentially has the right to exchange or return the PRODUCT to the VENDOR or to a person appointed by the latter without undue delay and the latest within 30 days after informing about his decision to return, unless the VENDOR has offered to pick up the PRODUCT himself.

Inom denna period, måste konsumenten anmäla sin avsikt att avbryta via e-post och retur, på sina egna kostnader och risker, den produkt som levereras till den administrativa adress säljaren: Rue le Marais 12a - 4520 Villers le Bouillet - Belgien. Produkterna måste returneras i sin originalförpackning, med alla tillbehör, manualen och den ursprungliga fakturan / leveransformulär intakt. Produkter som return på detta sätt får inte ha oförpackade, oförseglade eller användas på något sätt. Merchandise som är ofullständig, bortskämd, skadade eller som förorenats med kunden får inte tas tillbaka.

The CUSTOMER must return the goods without undue delay and under any circumstances, no later than 30 days after informing about his decision to withdraw from this contract, to: Lucimed S.A., Rue la Marais 12a, Zoning Industriel 4530, Villers-le-Bouillet, Belgium. The deadline is considered to be met if the CUSTOMER returns the goods before the expiry of the fourteen day return period. The CUSTOMER must take care of the direct costs of returning the goods. The PRODUCT must be returned according to the instructions of the VENDOR and more importantly, must include all delivered accessories. The liability of the CUSTOMER rests only regarding the depreciation of the goods resulting from manipulations other than those which are necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the PRODUCT. In other words, the CUSTOMER is allowed to test the PRODUCT but he will be held responsible if he makes manipulations other than those which are necessary. The PRODUCTS are packed according to the current shipping standards in order to guarantee maximum protection for the PRODUCTS during SHIPPING. The CUSTOMERS must follow the same standards while returning the PRODUCTS. As such, the CUSTOMER is allowed to return the PRODUCT which is not suitable in its original packaging and not in a good condition for reselling.