Сведения об авторах

They made it happen

Сведения об авторах

Visual identity by Ink Studio
UI & UX Design by Phenomen
Front-end development by Jonas Thiry
Animation & effects by Phenomen
Back-end development by Phenomen

Luminette and models photography by Ink Studio
Background images purchased and downloaded from www.shutterstock.com
Gilles Vandewalle photography by J.-L. Wertz

Illustration of Luminette positioning by Ink Studio
Illustration of melatonin path by Phenomen
Illustration of path of light in the eye by Phenomen

Icons sourced from the "The Nount Project" icons library via www.thenounproject.com:

Pharmacy created by Creative Stall
Point of sale created by Daniel Simon
Energy level created by Marek Polakovic
Optimisation of sleep created by Matt Brooks
Jetlag created by Casey Ochinang
Winter blues created by Vicons Design
Alarm clock created by Samuel Q. Green
Battery created by Austin Condiff
Table lamp created by Creative Stall
Paper plane created by Iconsmind.com
Light therapy lamp created by Phenomen
Medicines created by Creative Stall
Sun created by Diego Naive
Heart check created by Yorlmar Campos
Fish body created by Matt Brooks
Stopwatch created by Guillaume Barhi
Currency created by Castor & Pollux
Arrows created by Thomas Le Bas
PDF file created by Rediffusion
Natural light created by Tugrul Peker & Phenomen
Internal clock created by Tugrul Peker & Phenomen
Approved glasses created by Dream Icons & Phenomen
Check certificate created by Phenomen
Usage frequency created by Housin Aziz & Phenomen
Session timer created by Alexander Wiefel
Weekly calendar created by Housin Aziz & Phenomen
Battery created by Creative Stall
Signal created by Simple Icons
Intensity level created by Mete Eraydin
Timer signal created by Richard de Vos
Micro USB port created by Anbileru Adaleru
On/Off button created by Simple Icons
Search box created by Raul Serrano
Search arrow created by Thomas Le Bas
Pop-up questions created by Phenomen
Pointing cursor created by Venkatesh Aiyulu
Energy in 4 days created by Phenomen
Free shipping anywhere in Europe created by Phenomen
Warranty created by Phenomen
Written arrows created by Phenomen
Stock box created by Paulo Volkova
Paperclip created by Edward Boatman
E-mail newsletter created by Roll Studio
Telephone created by Alexander Wiefel
Fax printer created by Thomas Le Bas
Postal box created by Quan Do
Social network created by Antonio Vicién Faure
Web globe created by Phenomen
Cart check created by Nidia Rocío Carrillo & Phenomen
Bubble exclamation created by Melissa Holterman

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