Light therapy lamps

The different light therapy lamps

Numerous light therapy lamps exist. It is sometimes difficult to choose a light therapy lamp which matches your needs. This is why we are putting at your disposal numerous pieces of advice to guide you in your choice. So, the time comes to use a light therapy lamp. How many times will you use it? At what time of day? And finally, do you need a sunrise simulator or a light therapy lamp? We respond to all of your questions so that you can live out this experience in the best conditions.

How to choose a light therapy lamp and what are their benefits? It is sometimes difficult to choose a lamp. We will help you in your choice.

Choosing your light therapy lamp. Light therapy lamps with the CE mark are preferable but other criteria should equally be taken into account.

Should you choose a light therapy lamp or a sunrise simulator? The sunrise simulator is an excellent complimentary device which reinforces the effects of light therapy

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