Light Therapy

Light therapy : how does it work?

The origins of light therapy date back to the end of the twentieth century. The benefits and principals of light therapy have been shown through a large amount of research. Just like all devices, counter-arguments and side effects exist which should be taken into account before use. Lastly, when you have decided to use this mild medicine, do not confuse light therapy with vitamin D. 

Light therapy, also known as photo therapy or lux therapy, literally means treatment through light. Its origin dates back more than a century. 

Light therapy consists of exposing the eyes to a source of light which has a specific spectrum and intensity. Light therapy has health benefits.

Light therapy is a mild and non-invasive medicine. It is rarely argued against. Some cases exist where a light therapy treatment requires a medical opinion.

Vitamin D should not be linked to light therapy. Vitamin D is synthesized through the skin when it is exposed to rays.

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