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Our mission is to help those peoples, around the world, who are deprived of Sunlight, regain their « joie de vivre » - we do this by innovation in the science and art of creating artificial Light.


Luminette, the alternative light therapy

The inventors took a simple observation as their starting point : light therapy boxes are effective but inconvenient. They are static and soon end up in the attic.

They therefore tried to develop a light therapy device that can be used on-the-move, allowing users to carry out their normal activities without losing a second of light. The device had to be just as effective but also more convenient !

Luminette came out in 2006 after 4 years of research at the University of Liege (Belgium). It is the result of collaboration between two fields of research : sleep medicine and optical physics.

Your Lucimed International support team

Eric Delloye

General manager

Louis Grauls Lucimed

Louis Grauls

Marketing manager

Laurence Andre Lucimed

Laurence Andre

Sales manager

Angelique Retamar Lucimed

Angelique Retamar

Customer support

A team of inventors and scientific advisors

Robert Poirrier

Robert Poirrier

Professor Robert Poirrier is a neurologist and the director of the sleep laboratory at the University Hospital of Liege. He is a leading specialist in Belgium in sleep-wake patterns

Yvon Renotte

Yvon Renotte

Doctor, physicist and former director of the optics laboratory at the University of Liege. He is a leading specialist in the field of optical physics and photonics

Vincent Moreau

Vincent Moreau

Doctor Vincent Moreau has a PhD in physics. He is specialised in optical physics and aerospace engineering.

Gilles Vandewalle

Gilles Vandewalle

Doctor Gilles Vandewalle is Research Fellow at the FNRS (the Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research). He specialises in the study of sleep-wake mechanisms. He is also very well acquainted with the impact of light on awakening and cognition.

Daniel Neu

Daniel Neu

Dr. Daniel Neu is the Director of the sleep laboratory and the chronobiology unit of CHU Brugmann (ULB / VUB). He has published about 40 articles and produced more than 60 scientific papers in international conferences in the areas of sleep and chronobiology and clinical neuroscience. Dr. Neu also actively involved in the teaching of sleep medicine.


The Luminette is manufactured by an assembly company certified for the manufacture of medical devices.

Conceived and designed by the awarded studio Design GBO in Antwerp, Luminette is assembled in Shenzhen, in a firm which specialises in the manufacture of medical electronic devices.

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