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Wenn wir über Lichttherapie sprechen, geht es um die Chronobiologie, ein Teilgebiet der Biologie. Diese befasst sich mit den zirkadianen Rhythmen unseres Organismus, die im Laufe von 24 Stunden schwanken. Licht spielt eine sehr wichtige Rolle dabei, unsere innere Uhr richtig einzustellen.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a method to treat not only Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) but several other ailments (Somber mood - bereavement - sleep disorder due to shift work - advanced and late sleep disorders - jet lag and more).

During a light therapy session, a safe, source of light is delivered to your eyes, simulating natural outdoor light - it's like looking at blue skies !

  • The origin of light therapy
  • Discover the principles and benefits of light therapy
  • Counter-arguments and side effects of light therapy
  • What is the difference between light therapy and vitamin D?


Chronobiology is a branch of biology. It studies the circadian rhythms of our body which fluctuate over 24 hours. It is noted that just as light therapy has a very important role in correctly synchronizing our biological clock. It acts according to different modes of actions to regulate our bodies. 

  • Discover how circadian rhythms work
  • Discover what role light plays on the body
  • Discover how light acts on the body

Light therapy lamps

How to choose a light therapy lamp and what are their benefits? It is sometimes difficult to choose a lamp. We will help you in your choice.

  • The different light therapy lamps
  • Discover how to choose your light therapy lamp
  • Discover the differences between a light therapy lamp and a sunrise simulator

Light Therapy Applications

Light Therapy combats winter blues, helps night-shift workers with their sleep pattern, and lessens Jet Lag

  • Discover how Light Therapy can lessen winter blues symptoms
  • Discover how to treat depression in the elderly with light therapy
  • Sleep problems: Light therapy
  • Discover how Light Therapy can lessen Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms
  • Discover how Light Therapy can help night-shift-workers

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